Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend tease new expansion footage, announce free weekend

This time last week, we learned of Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend's new Supremacy and Inferno expansions—both of which land today. This time this week, I'm here to tell you both games are getting a free weekend. 

From now through Sunday at 10am PST / 6pm BST, Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend are free to try (as are Amplitude's other games Dungeon of the Endless and the original Endless Space). More on that features in the trailer above. If you already own all of the developer's games, the free weekend's custom-made website and stretch goals might be of interest. 

Here's Amplitude with the skinny: 

On our free weekend website, we’ll be putting up Stretch Goals that will be unlocked based on the total number of hours played by our community, across all of our games. 

Last year, 240,000 participated in the free weekend, unlocking all six reward tiers in the process. This year, we're back with another Community Challenge!

Simply play Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, or Endless Space 2 and reach 1 million hours of collective playtime to help the community unlock all the rewards, which include a Cravers Prime skin that was only available during Early Access, and as stretch goals, 6 additional fleet skins to unlock. 

Said free weekend website lives this way

If you fancy Endless Legend's new Inferno expansion, and Endless Space 2's new Supremacy add-on, here's some fresh in-game footage. First, Inferno: 

And second, Supremacy:

Both expansions are available on Steam, and cost £9.89/$11.69 (ten percent off till August 30) each; or £17.58/$ 20.78 (20 percent off) when purchased together.