Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend to get new expansions in August

You wait all day for a Fire Ship and/or Dreadnought then two come along at once. Amplitude Studios has unveiled new "major" expansions for both Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend. Both are due on August 2. 

Which is one week from today. Lovely. Let's have some trailers, then we'll talk to the nuts and bolts. First, Endless Legend Inferno.

Second, Endless Space 2 Supremacy.

Working alongside NGD Studios—the folk responsible for the Master of Orion reboot—Amplitude has added the Kapaki, a Lava Biome and Dust Eclipses to Endless Legend via Inferno. Forced to leave their native volcanic homeland, the former are determined to set up shop among the ash, fire and ruin and are billed as a "crafty new faction of tinkers and inventors."

The fiery landscape isn't exactly brimming with life, but is ripe in industry, science, dust and volcanic anomalies—which is where Dust Eclipses come in. 

"In these new events, you’ll notice the skies darken and the atmosphere become thick with Dust," explains publisher Sega. "Now, in normal conditions, this would be a pain, but Auriga is special, and these Dust infusions will create short-lived 'Dust Confluxes' all over the map, bestowing a temporary boon to whichever army reaches them first."

Onto Endless Space 2, and The Hissho mark Supremacy's newest major faction. Having first featured in the original ES, the group's central feature is Keii, "or honor", that powers special abilities and can boost systems and fleets mid-battle. Keii is replenished through combat, which leads Sega to say: "space is about get a little bit rowdier." The Hissho also bring minor faction Illo to fight—machines said to be "hell-bent" on eliminating the weakest species of war.  

Supremacy also brings with it a new ship type for all factions. Here's more on The Behemoths: 

Ever wished for a gigantic ship that was customizable to your specific purposes? Wish no more! These gigantic ships are remnants of the mysterious Endless era, providing significant economic or scientific boosts, and can be customized into “Obliterator”, “Juggernaut”, and “Citadel” specializations. The Hissho start the game with one they’ve just awoken, and the rest of the players can catch up through a cooperative quest. 

Again, both Endless Space 2 Supremacy and Endless Legend Inferno land on August 2. Available on Steam, pre-orders cost £9.89/$11.69 (ten percent off) each, or £17.58/$ 20.78 (20 percent) when purchased together.