Endless Legends Guardians expansion arrives today

Endless Legend Guardians

Amplitude Studios has shown off a few of the new additions coming with Endless Legend's Guardians expansion, which will be available at some point today.

The expansion adds legendary deeds - objectives where the first person to reach them unlocks rewards - legendary buildings, unlocked when an empire reaches one of five eras, unique buildings, co-operative quests, a few other things and - of course - guardians.

Guardians are super-units, unlockable from the third to fifth eras and with a variety of different powers based on the elements. They're gigantic and slow, unable to join armies or garrisons, but the kind of unit you spend all of your resources on creating because they can take out an entire enemy army on their own. If it's anything like Supreme Commander in that respect, I'm happy.

Amplitude streamed a demo of the expansion in which they answered a few questions about it - you can see it... well, here:

There's no word on price at the time of writing, but Endless Legend is great, so you should probably keep an eye on this one anyway.