Endless Legend to leave early access next week

Endless Legend is Amplitude's fantasy follow up to Endless Space—replacing the surreal beauty of a tactically significant vacuum with vibrant terrain-filled hexagons. Amplitude are still writing this newest Legend, but they're almost finished. They've now announced that, as of September 18th, it will leave Steam Early Access for an official release.

The game is a fantasy turn-based strategy with an unusual selection of factions. There's the Roving Clans, for instance, who facilitate all trade throughout the game. Or the recently announced Drakken, who hold knowledge and history above war and wealth.

It also looks amazing. Endless Space proved that Amplitude could create some of the sexiest menus in the genre, and in Endless Legend, that same aesthetic is combined with a vibrant map reminiscent of the Game of Thrones opening credits.

Despite its positives, Wes had some concerns in his Early Access review . Hopefully Amplitude will have worked out the kinks in time for next week's release.

Phil Savage

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