This beehive-inspired Nvidia RTX 3060 is generating quite the buzz

The shroud for this 12 GB Emtek Miracle RTX 3060 is dotted with hexes
(Image credit: Emtek)

South Korean GPU manufacturer EmTek recently announced its custom, beehive inspired 30-series GPU lineup, known as the Miracle series. The first of the swarm to hit is the Miracle D6 12GB RTX 3060, and its shroud is pretty sweet. 

And if you think that's enough bee puns for one story, hold on to your bonnet (because there's a bee in it).

Sitting comfortably?

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These will offer a 1.32GHz base GPU clock speed, and boosts of up to 1.77GHz. In practice it'll likely go even higher than that, too. All that'll come humming through the 3,584 CUDA cores. It also comes with the same 12GB GDDR6—rated to 15Gbps over a 192-bit memory bus—as your a standard RTX 3060 drone. 

Coming in at the lower end of Nvidia's second generation of RTX GPUs, they may not be Queen when it comes to performance, but the RTX 3060 gives it a royal go. Even at 4K these cards can bumble along happily at over 30fps. Still, if this level of performance isn't your pot, and you fancy something with a little more venom, there'll be more powerful cards coming out with the honeycomb shroud. 

Currently the EmTek store (via VideoCardz) says only that the product info is "to be updated later," and only has one image so far, but the full list of specs are there if you want to take a look.

So many of the comments I've spotted involve people getting really riled up concerning the design. All this stigma surrounding any GPUs that don't look like Gundam larvae has to stop. It hurts to see unique designs like this get stung, for nothing more than trying to pollenate the market with something a bit different.

People are too afraid to change their stripes, it seems.

There's no word on price as yet, but you can bet it'll be more than the $349 launch price, including shipping and imports from South Korea. Still, the Miracle design might be worth it for all those black 'n' yellow high-fliers out there looking for something a little different.

One thing's for sure: It'll be a miracle if we ever see them on the shelves.

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