The Elder Scrolls Online patch details quest bug fixes, upcoming gameplay changes

The Elder Scrolls Online's latest patch takes aim at a list of frustrating quest bugs that have surfaced since the game launched earlier this month. Although flat-out broken quests weren't highlighted as an issue in our recent review of ESO, if you've spent any time in-game during the last two weeks, it's likely you've run into a few buggy roadblocks.

Questing in the new MMO is an enormous boon to leveling and progression through the game's various stories—the ones developer Zenimax Online has written for you as well as whatever bizarre tales players are crafting for themselves. With that in mind it's good to see from the patch notes that the latest update has spread quest bug fixes among a variety of zones in Tamriel as well as the main story.

Beyond the tweaks to questing in the current version, ESO also has several improvements that are still in-progress . One that may get players' attention when it eventually goes live is a change to how some dungeon treasure chests function, with the goal in mind to spread around the spoils more evenly. Currently, a chest will vanish after a single player has emptied it out.

"[W]e are changing treasure chests in instanced dungeons so that everyone gets a piece of loot regardless of who opens the chest," writes ESO community manager Jessica Folsom. "This change is currently being implemented and tested internally and will be released in a future patch as soon as it's ready."

The developer also announced that a loot timer is in the works for bosses in the rowdy, free-for-all public dungeons, presumably to combat the now-familiar scene of players farming the dungeon boss's respawn area. In the meantime, if you just feel like haggling your way to some new gear, there's now an unofficial marketplace up and running.