El Presidente returns in Tropico 6

El Presidente is still in office, it seems, because today Kalypso Media has announced Tropico 6, due out for both PC and consoles in 2018. 

After five Tropicos, I feel like the setting has already been mined extensively, so I’m not sure where it can really go without losing steam. Its new developer Limbic Entertainment, whose previous work was mainly on Ubisoft’s Might & Magic series, seems to want to go bigger. 

Instead of managing one island, you’ll be able to rule over a whole archipelago, connecting each island by bridge. That means more transportation and infrastructure options and wrinkles, as well as a significantly larger domain to lord it over. 

You’ll also be able to send your minions out on raids to steal things from other nations. And by things I mean the Statue of Liberty and other monuments and wonders of the world. Oh, El Presidente. You scamp. 

Tropico 6 is due out next year. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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