Echoes of Eridu developer asks you to fund its co-op Mega Man roguelike

As much as we love roguelikes (and really, we do), it seems like we're up to our ankles in them at the moment. To stand out, an indie roguelike has got to have a great setting like FTL , a great premise like Curious Expedition , or great everything like Spelunky . Echoes of Eridu hit Kickstarter last week as a rarer creature: the multiplayer roguelike. Eridu borrows heavily from the Mega Man universe for its look and feel, but the co-op platforming is the most exciting part.

Multiplayer roguelikes aren't unheard of. Risk of Rain and UnEpic come to mind, but… that's pretty much it. The game boasts some tricky action-platforming that is all but guaranteed to make you throw things at your closest friends. I mean, look at that trailer. There's no way those two aren't furious with each other all the time.

In addition to the art and music influence, Mega Man's legacy is clear in the powerups and weapons developer Batterystaple Games is adding to the game. Guns that shoot in all directions, a spread, or only shoot behind you are already planned. It looks like a creative way to add that Mega Man flavor the roguelike architecture.

Echoes of Eridu is about halfway through its Kickstarter campaign, and it's also on Steam Greenlight . If playing randomly generated levels of Mega Man with friends sounds like your gig, go check them out.