Earth Defense Force 4.1 to get Time of the Mutants missions DLC today

When Phil reviewed Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair—the updated PC port of 2014’s Earth Defense Force 2025—a couple of weeks back, he noted that while it had “no polish or refinement” it was also “ridiculously fun at its best, which it frequently is.” Today it adds to said fun, as well as its 80 campaign missions and arsenal of 800 weapons, with its first mission pack—Time of the Mutants. 

“Prepare to challenge 26 of the most intense missions the EDF has ever faced!” reads the DLC’s Steam page which marks today as the expansion’s date of arrival. Some of these missions will come from Earth Defense Force 2025, we’re told, while some are brand new. “They all have one thing in common,” the blurb continues. “They're really, really, REALLY hard. Can you survive the Time of the Mutants?”  

That’s a question you can answer yourself later today when the add-on unlocks. It’s without a price tag for now, however Time of the Mutants cost $9.99 when it launched on the PlayStation Store in January (where it incidentally boasts a five-star rating). 

Happy giant ant blasting!