Earn free Hearthstone card packs in the Spirit of Competition anniversary event

(Image credit: Blizzard)

The sixth anniversary of Hearthstone is upon us, and as promised last week, Blizzard is celebrating the birthday with the Spirit of Competition event, offering free card packs and a Year of the Dragon card back, a new quest chain, and the return of not one but two Tavern Brawls: Burndown and Hall of Champions.

Players begin Burndown brawls with a random deck, and when the action is over the loser takes the winner's deck—that is, the deck that beat them—into the next match. Around and around it goes, until one deck dominates all the others. The Hall of Champions brawl sets players against one another with winning decks from past Hearthstone World Championships, including those used by recent winners Xiaomeng ‘Liooon’ Li and Casper ‘Hunterace’ Notto.

As for the promised free stuff (which, I know, is what you're really interested in), a total of five Hearthstone card packs can be earned by completing the Spirit of Competition's legendary quest chain:

  • March 4th, 10:00 AM PT: Play 2 games in any mode to earn a Descent of Dragons card pack.
  • March 5th, 10:00 AM PT: Play 20 cards to earn a Rise of Shadows and Saviors of Uldum card pack.
  • March 6th, 10:00 AM PT: Take 30 turns to earn a Rise of Shadows and Saviors of Uldum card pack.

Card packs can also be earned just by showing up: Anyone who logs into Hearthstone before 10 am PT/1 pm ET on March 17 will receive 2 Rise of Shadows packs, 2 Saviors of Uldum packs, 2 Descent of Dragons packs, and the Year of the Dragon commemorative card back. Full details are up at playhearthstone.com.

Andy Chalk

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