Classic '90s space strategy games Star Control 1 & 2 land on Steam

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The wait for Star Control: Origins (opens in new tab), the revival of the 25-year old space strategy series, is a good chance to go back and play through the originals. Star Control 1 & 2 have been on GOG for a while (opens in new tab) and this week they also landed on Steam, bundled as Star Control: The Ur-Quan Masters. The second in particular is considered a classic with fantastic writing, plenty of role-playing and real-time space combat.

However, you'd be wise to take a breath before blasting off because there's a HD fan remake that the developers recommend if you're after a more modern approach. Developer Stardock, which is creating Origins, said (opens in new tab):  "Get this [Steam] version of you want to see what the original 1992 game was like. Get the HD version if you want to see a modern remake of it."

That HD version is Ur-Quan Masters HD, which you can grab for free here (opens in new tab). It's a comprehensive remake of Star Control 2 with new artwork, dialogue, and cut-scenes. You can also play it in the original graphics if that's your bag. 

Star Control: The Ur-Quan Masters is $3.99/£2.89 on Steam (opens in new tab), compared to $5.99 on GOG. It's worth a look if you want the purest version of the original game, but definitely consider the fan-made remake first, because that might give you everything you're looking for.

As a reminder, Star Control: Origins is a prequel to the series, and a combat beta is due later this year (opens in new tab). Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III, the creators of the original games, are also working on a direct sequel to Star Control 2 (opens in new tab).

Correction: I originally wrote that the fan-made remake of Star Control 2 also modded Star Control 1. That is not the case.

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