EA reveals three of Battlefield 2042's big new maps

Electronic Arts has dropped a new trailer showcasing three of the new maps coming to Battlefield 2042, each of them "specifically designed to provide a unique experience that directly impacts strategy for you and your squad."

The video isn't exactly an in-depth tactical analysis: Instead, it's more of a fast-paced overview of three distinct environments, all of them littered with various bits and pieces of architecture for players to climb on. What they have in common is size, with "multiple distinct combat areas" in each, enabling close-quarters, long-range, and vehicular combat simultaneously.

Here's the quick breakdown of each new map seen in the trailer:

  • Renewal: An eclectic landscape set in an Egyptian desert with a solar array Power Station on one side and a lush Research Facility on the other. It features a wall between both regions with various entry points, including a choke point through the often contested Entry Checkpoint in Conquest in the middle of the map. Players should also come prepared for close quarters battles in these areas as well as both of the buildings located within Renewal.
  • Breakaway: Set in Antarctica, this map includes an Offshore Platform off the Frozen Coast and an Outlook Station perched high above the battlefield, making it a focal point for air battles. In the fractured paths of the Glacier, players fight in and above the ice cliffs that are connected with zip lines and rope bridges, and where the quick use of a parachute could be the difference between life or death.
  • Discarded: Features a flooded village along India’s west coast, disassembled hull and a Colossus Ship to explore. This map offers lots of cover and close quarters combat; the Colossus Ship let’s players fight inside its craft while airships attack from above and tanks pummel its hull. With unpredictable weather, players will have to stay on their toes as the threat of a tornado could strike the map at any moment.

Including these three, that makes seven total maps coming at Battlefield 2042's launch. More maps are planned to come in seasonal updates, as well as new specialists. Electronic Arts also recently revealed the second half of Battlefield 2042's cast of specialists (including the first non-binary character in the series), and confirmed that despite some concerns about how they played in the recent beta test, the controversial characters are here to stay.

Battlefield 2042 comes out on November 19. Here's the first half of its specialist lineup, making 10 in all, and we've also got a helpful guide to all the guns we know about so far.

Andy Chalk

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