E3 2011: Driver: San Francisco off-screen video shows ghostly possession

[bcvideo id="984084628001"]

You know what the real problem with racing games is? Not enough ghosts. Driver: San Francisco realises this, and has put Excorcist style bodily possession in their game. The footage above shows the multiplayer mode in action, which lets you dive out of your car at will, and possess other drivers nearby. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no explanation for this, beyond the fact that the character you play as, John Tanner, is in a coma, and as we all know, comas are magic.

The car-swapping power is called 'Shifting,' but it's a limited resource, you have to generate power by completing drifts and jumps before you can hitch a ride in someone else's mind. The game boasts a big, open world recreation of San Francisco, and, for the first time, a collection of more than a hundred licensed vehicles. The game's due out at the end of August this year. Check out the official Driver: San Francisco site for more information.