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Dying Light adds eye-tracking for extended views, auto-climbing and zombie awareness

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I'd agree with Chris' evaluation of zombie survival 'em up Dying Light in that, yes, there is a lot of fun to be had that's ever-so-slightly ruined by a clunky story and the odd technical issue. But in terms of post-release updates, developer Techland has gone over and above the call of duty as, some two years on, Dying Light now has eye-tracking support. 

You'll need a Tobii EyeX Controller for it to work, however the game's latest patch introduces 14 different eye-tracking options designed to make evading undead baddies by way of parkour more efficient and more enjoyable. 

Here's Techland's director of research and technology development Paweł Rohleder on how eye-tracking works in Dying Light: 

As covered by Rohleder there, the above video's description breaks down exactly what investing in Dying Light's eye-tracking promises players: 

  • Clean UI
  • Extended view
  • Auto pause
  • Dynamic light
  • Automatic interaction with gaze
  • Flashlight control
  • Multi-throw with gaze
  • Aim with gaze
  • Throw with gaze
  • Interact with gaze
  • Zombie awareness
  • Vault with gaze
  • Climb with gaze
  • Auto-climb when sprinting

From a personal standpoint, flashlight control seems like the most practical use of the technology. In fast quick-fire combat, I'm not sure I trust my gaze to work quicker than my hands, however being able to scope out appropriate escape routes when overwhelmed via my line-of-sight sounds peachy. 

Dying Light's The Following Enhanced Edition (opens in new tab)—which includes its base game and The Following DLC—is on currently sale as part of The Humble Store's Winter Sale for £15.99/$19.99.

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