Dustforce devs announce Spire, a procedurally generated first-person platformer

Around this time last year, Hitbox Team released their wonderful speedrunning platform game Dustforce , a physics-perfect sidescroller with gorgeous art and music that I reckon passed a lot of people by. Now they've returned with a new project, a new genre (well, mostly), and one brilliantly evocative name: Spire . It's an FPS about "ascending a monolithic tower of unknown origin", but with walljumps, wall sliding and a "movement system that feels snappy like Dustforce". Well I'm sold.

Naturally, the tower - or, because this is a fantasy game, the 'spire' - will be procedurally generated, but with "intentional level flow" that aims to impose some sort of emotional/story order on the chaos. While the team intend to make the game's offline mode "non-competitive", as with Dustforce there will be online leaderboards, which I suspect is where the meat of the game will lie. So it's sort of like a procedurally generated, roguelikey Mirror's Edge - it sounds like a speedrunner's dream.

Head here if you need more convincing, though to be honest they had me at 'walljumps'.

Tom Sykes

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