Dust 514 beta applications open to Eve Online subscribers

Dust 514 Thumbnail

CCP's ambitious shooter, Dust 514, will take place in Eve Online's persistent universe. It will let space-borne generals on PC launch grand land-grabbing actions on Eve's planets, essentially ordering console players will fight and die for the glory of Eve's massive corporations. It'll be exclusive to Playstation 3 (for a while at least). If you're an Eve subscriber, and you happen to own a PS3, you can apply for a spot on the Dust 514 beta now.

The trial was announced on the Eve Online site just before Christmas. Follow the link on the page and use your Eve login to apply. "Registration for Mordu's Private Trials does not guarantee entry, but as an active EVE subscriber, you are the first to have access to sign up for the closed beta," CCP say. "We're hugely excited to be able to extend this exclusive opportunity to our player community."

Little has been seen of Dust 514 so far, and it's listed as a Playstation 3 exclusive. Last summer we asked CCP chief technical officer, Halldor Fannar, whether it would stay that way forever. “We're exclusive on the PlayStation 3 right now and we're focusing on making a really great game there. You know, I can't speak to what's going to happen in the future,” he said, evasively. We wouldn't be surprised if Dust 514 made the leap to our machines at some point.

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