Dungeon of the Endless gets a free TF2-themed update

Dungeon Of the Endless

The other day, I found myself fondly remembering that strange period where a game's pre-order bonuses consisted mostly of Team Fortress 2 hats. Instead of exclusive missions or trinkets, players were instead treated to virtual headwear for another developer's game. It was fun extra, and not one that would overly penalise those who—entirely sensibly—thought that pre-ordering was for chumps.

Alas, those days are seemingly over. But Team Fortress 2 hasn't entirely left the collective consciousness of PC gaming at large. Consider this: the Australium update that's now live in Dungeon of the Endless.

The Australium update adds a variety of TF2-based accoutrement to Amplitude's roguelike tower-defence game. For starters, there are four new Heroes: the Pyro, Medic, Engineer and Heavy. And for seconds? Five new passive items, including a Tower of Hats, Gas Mask, Dove, jPad and Sandvich.

This is all a result of DotE's recent Steam free weekend, and Amplitude's successful community challenge to get people playing their games.

Dungeon of the Endless is an extremely tactical (and particularly challenging) dungeon crawler. It combines team management with exploration and the building and upgrading of towers. For more details, check out our review.

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