Drive big rigs to 'honour your father' in Truck Driver

Truck Driver's latest trailer has the air of a corny sitcom, which is only reinforced by the sim's setup. You've inherited a truck from your father, moved to a new town and now you've got to use your trucking skills to earn respect from a colourful cast of characters. And also do some crimes, apparently. 

Forging ties with the local community will involve a bit of shady business, according to the trailer, including smuggling "bananas" and getting rid of a trailer to help a guy with a pile of debt. It's perhaps not the healthiest way to make friends, but there will also be plenty of legal gigs for you to take on. 

Characters, like Sven, the sexy lumberjack, will offer better jobs as your relationship improves, and helping out the locals also expands the town. Maybe it's just because Sven's chest can't be contained by his shirt, but I'm getting dating sim vibes and I very much approve.

(Image credit: SOEDESCO Publishing)

Truck sims usually cater towards players looking to chart their own course or just go for an aimless drive, but I always end up craving story, so this seems right up my street. While it's a bit more story-driven, it's still an open world sandbox where you can drive around at your leisure, picking up jobs, customising your truck or splashing out on a new ride. 

Unfortunately, while Truck Driver is launching this month on Xbox One and PS4, we'll have to wait until November 11 to play it on PC. 

Fraser Brown
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