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Dreamfall Chapters prototype footage released, the longest stretch goals revealed

Dreamfall Chapters' Kickstarter campaign is sailing towards completion, with over $787,000 of its $850,000 goal raised and 22 days still to go. With success all but assured, Red Thread have announced the first stretch goals for the adventure sequel. The team have also released early prototype footage of the game, showing an explorable location and their hybrid UI system.

Three stretch goals have been unveiled so far. The first, at $900,000, will guarantee support for Mac and Linux. At $950,000, the game will receive the Loremaster extras, which include: "the Great Library of Marcuria (rebuilt in secrecy, of course), a fully-voiced librarian character, and tons of books, documents, ancient parchments and tomes of lore in-game for players to read, explore and dig into!"

The $1,000,000 milestone is titled A Longer Journey, and looks like a large expansion to the game, introducing new characters, locations, side-stories and dialogue. The rest of the long list of potential additions is being kept secret, but Red Thread have released the title of the final one. It's called "The Longest Journey Home" and will unlock at the £2 million mark. Sounds intriguing.

To be fair, they've missed a trick here. They could have called one of the stretch goals "No goddamn rubber duck puzzles" and watched the money flood in.

Phil Savage
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