Dreamfall Chapters hits Kickstarter target. Stretch goals and pensive monkey revealed

More than 14,000 backers have helped the Dreamfall Chapters kickstarter campaign sail past the $850,000 target with 19 days left on the clock. "Now it's OUR time to deliver," Red Thread said in the celebratory Kickstarter update post . "We promise to make the best game we can possibly make, one that lives up to your expectations and the legacy of The Longest Journey saga. A game that we can all be proud of."

And there was much rejoicing among fans of The Longest Journey, which could get even longer if the money-drive hits its stretch goals. They've already hit the $900k mark, which means there will be editions for Mac and Linux players. At $950k The Loremaster will be added, which will give players access to a wealth of extra details about the world. At the magical $1m mark Red Thread will make "A Longer Journey," which will be revealed along with more videos, screenshots and locations in the coming weeks.

I know what you're thinking. "What's all this about a monkey, then?" He's a Mangoyy, a new magical species you'll meet on your journey, "contemptuously called 'makak' by those who would reduce them to mere animals." Is that why he looks so sad?

Tom Senior

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