Dreamfall Chapters gameplay footage is looking very pretty indeed

Dreamfall Chapters

The developers at Red Thread Games have a talent for crafting scummy futuristic places that you really, really want to visit. They did it with both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, and they're reusing the classic formula again in Dreamfall Chapters . This latest gameplay footage of the Kickstarter-funded sequel shows off a sinister section of Prague.

"We want to reward curiosity," the developers said during their gameplay demo at UK games event Rezzed last weekend. And so the curious shall be rewarded—primarily with an in-joke involving an inflatable duck-shaped raft, but also with a non-linear environment teeming with strangers, neon lighting, and an overly loving robot.

Check out the footage below (skip to about the 18-minute mark for the good stuff). Red Thread is quick to state that it's early days yet, but it's certainly already looking really good—especially for fans of the TLJ series.