DreadChase: soak in the colors of this Descent-like shooter


Apart from capturing the nostalgic spatial orientation challenge from the classic Descent games, DreadChase 's glowing corridors look like the inside of a robotic bloodstream. It's a multi-movement-degree FPS from indie creator Stephen Wheadon, and it combines stealth, pew-pew, and a healthy heap of THE COLORS.

Creator Stephen Wheadon's description of DreadChase is just as attractive as drinking in the mesmerizing color patterns in the gameplay video above. It's also just as exhausting: “It's a full six degrees of freedom shooter/stealth game that is a spiritual successor to classics like Descent. The player is assigned to escort a mobile base in a journey across space. A large fleet of warships is in pursuit, desperately searching for the base to prevent its escape. The stealth gameplay allows for surprise attacks, evasion, and hacking opportunities. Everything is 100 percent destructible, including large bases (which explode in a satisfying chain reaction of detonations).”

Stealth with six degrees of movement? An AI that hunts you? Explosions exploding explosions ? Hang on. I'm out of breath. Oh, never mind, DreadChase's Steam Greenlight page is drenching me in yet more amazing colors.

Omri Petitte

Omri Petitte is a former PC Gamer associate editor and long-time freelance writer covering news and reviews. If you spot his name, it probably means you're reading about some kind of first-person shooter. Why yes, he would like to talk to you about Battlefield. Do you have a few days?