Drake and Lil Yachty do a Steam Deck handoff between moving SUVs

(Image credit: Amy Sussman (Getty Images))

Way back in the day, one rich dude in a Rolls-Royce pulled up to another rich dude in a Rolls-Royce and asked, "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?" It was an ironic expression of performative wealth that quickly evolved into a sort of pop culture touchstone, referenced and parodied many times since. There's even a spot on Wikipedia dedicated to it.

Things are a little different these days. Wealthy white guys with dijon mustard and Phantoms are out, and wealthy hip-hop artists with Steam Decks and big SUVs—specifically Drake and Lil Yachty—are in.

"Want it? Yeah, you want it?" Drake asks, holding the "portable gaming console" out the window as the two vehicles slowly converge. When Lil Yachty replies in the affirmative, Drake says, "So then get it," before handing it off as smoothly as if they'd been parked side by side on a quiet summer day. Lil Yachty expresses his appreciation with a friendly flip of the bird as he rolls up his window.

A few people in the Twitter replies refer to the handheld as a Switch, but others properly point out that it is in fact a Steam Deck, Valve's hit portable PC. Or at least, it's a Steam Deck case—the logo is clearly visible in the clip. 

As for what's actually inside the case, I cannot say with any certainty. Maybe Drake was laughing like that because he passed off the case and kept the Steam Deck for himself.

The interaction sparked a brief conversation on Reddit, where members of the Steam Deck community theorized about what sort of games Drake plays:

  • Anime games
  • Melty Blood behind the toilets with a Tupperware fightstick
  • Nekopara
  • He goes into desktop mode and opens Stake.com
  • Final Fantasy, made a whole song about it too
  • Definitely Huniepop and Disney Dreamlight Valley. Many dating sims hidden
  • Injustice. His favorite character is Deathstroke
  • Doki Doki Literature Club. It’s been confirmed, trust me bro

As for why Drake was driving around with Lil Yachty's Steam Deck in the first place, when he can presumably afford to buy his own if he really wants one, that remains a mystery for now. Given Yachty's extended middle finger after the handoff, I would have to guess that shenanigans were involved.

Andy Chalk

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