Dragon Quest 11's latest patch unlocks framerate, improves keyboard support

Dragon Quest 11 has received a pretty substantial patch that let players unlock the framerate of the game, as well as fixing a few crashes. 

Back in September, we detailed how to unlock Dragon Quest 11's framerate by editing an ini file, but now the game lets you choose between 90fps, 120fps, 144fps and an unlocked framerate. Before launching the game, you can also now pick between three sets of graphical presets: low, medium and high. They break down like this:

Antialiasing Quality: None
Post-Processing Quality: None
Shadow Quality: None
Screen Percentage: 65%
Display Mode: Windowed
Resolution: 1280x720

Antialiasing Quality: 3
Post-Processing Quality: 2
Shadow Quality: 2
Screen Percentage: 83%
Display Mode: Full screen
Resolution: 1920x1080

Antialiasing Quality: 6
Post-Processing Quality: 3
Shadow Quality: 3
Screen Percentage: 100%
Display Mode: Full screen
Resolution: 1920x1080

There are other worthwhile tweaks besides. The command selection cursor can now be moved with the WASD keys, and you can apparently change the in-game language by altering the language of Steam itself. Players can now send crash reports to the developers, and a specific crash that occurred when players were standing 300 metres from their horse has now been nixed. Read the full list of tweaks here

Opinion on Dragon Quest 11 is mostly positive on Steam, and I think game's appeal varies depending on how much you're in the mood for an extremely traditional JRPG. Chris Schilling's sentiment on the game in our review largely sums up the light disappointment I had when picking up Dragon Quest 8 on PS2 many years ago. "For better and worse, this is a stubbornly orthodox JRPG: even if you’re not familiar with the series, you’ll surely get the feeling you’ve been here before."

If you need it, here's a guide to our best gaming keyboards, to make the most of this patch.

Samuel Roberts
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