Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Future Trunks to its roster

Dragon Ball FighterZ is another excellent looking fighting game on its way to PC, and if Japanese magazine Jump is to be believed, then Future Trunks is joining its roster.

Siliconera translated the magazine, but you don't need to know Japanese to see Future Trunks near the bottom (image below). Unfortunately, we don't have any gameplay footage of the fan-favourite character, but we'll be sure to report back when it's released. In addition to the reveal of Trunks, Jump mentions a closed beta test is in the works, for which more details will be revealed later.

If you're not sure of the difference between Future Trunks and regular Trunks, it's simple: one is from the future, and the other is not. Future Trunks is from an alternate world where the villainous Android 17 and 18 made like Hulkamania and ran wild on Earth, killing most of the Z Fighters and throwing the planet into somewhat of an apocalypse. Trunks goes back in time to help the Z Fighters punch the Androids and prevent the untimely death of Goku. Also, he has a sword. LOOK, DRAGON BALL Z IS COOL, ALRIGHT?!

Dragon Ball FighterZ comes to the PC in early 2018. It was revealed at Microsoft's E3 2017 press briefing, and you can check out the announcement trailer here.

The anime fighting game is developed by Arc System Works, known for the Guilty Gear and Blazblue fighting game series. Dragon Ball FighterZ features 3v3 action, much like the Marvel vs Capcom games, where you can tag in your teammates or have them take advantage of your opponent with assist moves.

Source: Jump Magazine