Dragon Age Keep lets you shape your past in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Save files are a fickle thing. Sometimes they're exactly where you need them to be, but more often than not, they're lost. Gone. Listlessly floating in the ether of your hard drive while caught between various planes of existence. BioWare has realized saves are lost more often than remote controls, and has created the Dragon Age Keep to make your past Dragon Age saves irrelevant.

According to a recent blog post , The Dragon Age Keep is a tool for both new and returning players to choose which actions they made (or would have made) in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. You can decide who lived and died, who your previous lovers were, and which roads you took to accomplish the task at hand. All this information is stored in the cloud, allowing people to revisit decisions that left them with a weary heart.

As for those who actually have their saves neatly tucked somewhere in their computer, BioWare was a little more vague, saying it would have more to say about the process in the "months to come."

Those interested in trying out the Dragon Age Keep for themselves can apply for the beta , though the post mentions participants won't cross the drawbridge until early next year.