Dragon Age: Inquisition video proves dwarves can backflip

Dragon Age

Here's nearly nine minutes of straightforward, unedited footage from Dragon Age: Inquisition, full of blazing spell effects and teleporting rogues. Witness also the surprising elegance of Varric's backflip technique, which he uses to both evade and discharge a sneaky mid-air shot. Fancy dwarf!

Combat is a hyperactive interpretation of D&D's classic roles, obscured perhaps a little too much by the fireworks that accompany every move. The OTT blood splatter of Origins makes a welcome return, though. I always liked the way Origins characters would walk around cutscenes looking as though they'd just escaped an explosion in a paint factory.

Check out Manny's hands-on preview for a sense of how it all plays. After a bit of a delay, Inquisition is due out on November 18.

Tom Senior

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