Dragon Age: Inquisition says 'olé' to The Iron Bull

Iron Bull

See that guy up there? That's a Qunari wearing an eyepatch, which is something you don't see every day. Admittedly I don't see Qunari most days, but I'd be more inclined to remember one featuring a beard and a shiny eyepiece.

BioWare are introducing us to The Iron Bull in the second of their 'meet the cast' trailers (the first one said 'howdy' to mage Vivienne). Where Viv relied on a big stick and her magical talents to best enemies, iron butterfly makes use of a giant greataxe, which is definitely a solid Plan B. The YouTube blurb describes The Iron Bull as "a powerful Qunari warrior, and leader of the Bull’s Chargers, a famous network of mercenaries. With his immense strength, and enthusiasm for crushing enemies, he provides necessary muscle to the Inquisition".

It's a safe bet that we can expect a trailer for most, if not all of Dragon Age: Inquisition's companions. After you're done with this one, have a watch of this video where Phil and Tom talk about their impressions of the game's first few hours.

Phil's review will be going live on the 11th of November, while Inquisition will release a week later on the 18th.

Tom Sykes

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