Dr Disrespect's Fortnite tournament had some janky rules for Twitch streamers

Dr Disrespect
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Dr Disrespect's mysterious 2020 Twitch ban continues to cause the strangest inconveniences, as seen with these bizarre rules for a Fortnite tournament that took place over the weekend.

The streamer hosted Hot Shot Duo Drop, a $100,000 tournament that took place in Epic's battle royale. It featured some pretty big Twitch names like Tfue, summit1g and Zemie, who were of course streaming their games on the very site Dr Disrespect is permanently banned from. As Chess Grandmaster and five-time US champion Hikaru Nakamura discovered back in March, Twitch isn't exactly hot on streamers flaunting Dr Disrespect around on their site.

To combat this, tournament organiser BoomTV put some seemingly strange rules in place to avoid any of the same drama, as shared by Full Squad Gaming's Jake Lucky on Twitter (thanks, IGN). "It is prohibited to use your channel to knowingly feature or advertise a suspended user," the rules read. "We understand that there may be instances where suspended users may appear on your stream due to circumstances beyond your control, such as through third-party gaming tournaments, but we expect that you make a good faith effort to remove them from your broadcast, mute them, or otherwise limit their interactions with your stream."

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Advice offered included using "other names for Dr Disrespect" such as "the two-time Blockbuster video game champion," muting him in-game, hiding any images or videos of him on stream and even avoiding sharing the tournament or bracket page on stream, both of which featured Dr Disrespect's name and face.

It seems like some fairly extreme lengths to avoid any mention of the Doc on the site, but with the details around his ban and the subsequent lawsuit—which was finally settled in March—still shrouded in mystery, it's likely for the best. 

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