Dota: Dragon’s Blood will get a second season on Netflix

DOTA: Dragon's Blood still.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Dota: Dragon’s Blood saw the famously prickly MOBA get the Netflix anime treatment, which coincided with Valve totally revamping Dota 2’s tutorial and onboarding experience. Basically, Dota isn’t going away, at least not under Valve’s watch. Now it’s confirmed that a second season of Dragon’s Blood is coming.

That’s according to the official Dota 2 Twitter account. Given it’s "in the works" it’s probably still a while off, but in the meantime the Dota Free to Play documentary has just hit Netflix. You can already just watch it on YouTube if you want, but the Netflix version has an "updated end credit sequence," for all those alternate end credit sequence lovers out there.

The official Netflix Geeked (don't ask me!) Twitter account also tweeted this still from the season:

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Dota 2 is still in good health, though the March premiere of Dragon’s Blood didn’t seem to have a huge impact on the game’s playerbase: according to Steam Charts it attracted fewer players in March (390,412 average players) than it did in February (404,832). By contrast, The Witcher 3 sales went up 554 percent in the wake of its Netflix adaptation premiering. 

Wes watched Dragon’s Blood last month, writing that it’s "conventional, and probably among the safest ways to adapt a game like Dota into a television series. It ends with much more story to tell, and maybe with its cast of characters now established, a second season could shade in the nuances they didn't get in these eight episodes." 

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