Dota 2 update brings a host of changes to hero abilities and item perks

Dota 2's latest update is massive . From general gameplay to hero abilities to item perks, patch 6.79 carves a wide path through the free-to-play game's online infrastructure. The details released today by Valve only reinforce the notion that there's an incredibly deep and granular complexity under the surface of Dota 2.

In terms of some highly visible changes to Dota 2's basic gameplay, Valve has shortened the day/night cycle with each period now lasting four minutes instead of six. Other basic changes include an increase to 625 in starting gold and some adjustments to barrack hit point regeneration. Patch 6.79 also focuses a lot of attention on a host of different hero abilities and item perks, buffing some and nerfing others. It's worth checking out the details to see if your favorite hero or must-have item got tweaked or not.

With Valve only expanding the presence of Dota 2 on the eSports scene, detailed updates like today's also carry competitive consequences as well, many of which probably won't surface at first. But as we saw already in the game's First Blood update last month , with the addition of LAN play and some changes to allow for the sale of common items on the community marketplace, Dota 2 is a game that still has a lot to say about its future.