Dota 2 documentary is almost finished, private screenings starting soon

Valve's next Dota 2 documentary titled “Free to Play” is just about ready for public consumption, but the developer wants to hear some additional opinions before hitting start.

Kotaku received a forwarded email that says Valve will privately screen its documentary to a select few throughout the month of June. The film shines a spotlight on the personal tensions professional Dota 2 players face and how they deal with them—all this might sound a little familiar , considering that Valve did a documentary on the annual Dota 2 tournament, The International , last November. However, Valve Marketing Director Doug Lombardi told Kotaku that this year's film will focus more on the players than the tournament itself.

As someone who has been fascinated with the eSports scene, I'm looking forward to getting an inside look at how professional gamers live when they aren't playing in a glass prison on stage. How difficult is it to have a social life when you're consumed with making minor tweaks to your strategy only a few others could possibly understand? I guess we'll know the answer in the near future.