Doom's Hack Modules will offer temporary multiplayer boosts

DOOM MP1 730x411

Doom releases in May, so the information drip feed is well underway. Today, Bethesda detailed both the game's Warpath multiplayer mode and Hack Modules. The latter are accrued by simply playing the game and, much like Titanfall's burn cards, are one time use items.

These Hack Modules include Retribution, which shows the location and health bar of the last player who killed you; Scout shows all enemy locations for a matter of seconds upon respawn; Vital Signs displays enemies' health bars; Power Seeker indicates the location of nearby power-ups; and Resupply Timer displays how many seconds will elapse before a power-up will respawn.

Meanwhile, the Warpath multiplayer mode is basically King of the Hill with a few twists. The capture point isn't fixed, but instead constantly moving along a "clearly marked path". On the opposite side of the capture point a demon rune follows the same path, so players need to decide whether they want to rush the capture point or wait back for the demon rune (for those unfamiliar, these turn the player into a demon for a limited period of time).

I don't know if the below .gif does a good job demonstrating how Warpath works, but it definitely makes me want to play Doom sooner rather than later:

Shaun Prescott

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