Doom VFR Q&A explains how playing a scientist will be just as violent as Doomguy

Going from the bloodthirsty Doomguy to a scientist in Doom VFR might sound a bit like a downgrade, but as the developers point out in the new Q&A video above, you’ll get to possess heavily-armed robots and teleport, so if anything it might be an upgrade. 

That aforementioned scientist is Doctor Peters, one of the team tasked with creating the iconic BFG. Peters dies, but his consciousness lives on inside the computer system, for some reason, which allows him to take control of a variety of machines, including vehicles and even Doomguy's Praetor suit. 

As Peters, you’ll still largely be spending your time murdering demons, but there’s hacking and lockpicking and fixing up machines too. I’m not sure that really fits the typical pace of a Doom game, but teleportation is there to speed things up. There’s a dash, but blinking between places is how you’ll be doing most of your travelling. 

It’s a standalone experience as well, say the devs. You’ll be hitting up areas that might be familiar to you if you’ve played Doom before, but it’s not necessary, and new locations will be introduced too. 

Doom VFR is due out later this year. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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