Doom Eternal update finally fixes a 2-year-old bug

Doom Eternal
(Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

Doom Eternal has just received a small revision to its 6.66 update, adding a handful of accessibility, general quality of life features and finally fixing one of its most frustrating bugs.

Balances have been made to classes for Battlemode 2.0, with a small nerf to Slayer and a couple of buffs for both Revenant and Archvile. The patch has squashed some bugs, perhaps the most vital of which is a long-awaited fix for the Argentas Paladi milestone. It's the final default milestone in the game and was supposed to unlock once every other achievement had been scooped up, awarding players with a Slayer podium and in-game icon. It's been bugged since the game's launch in March 2020, mostly refusing to unlock at all or randomly unlocking early. It should now work as intended, with id Software writing in the notes: "thanks to everyone for their incredible patience with this one!"

The shooter's multiplayer mode now has both text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities. There are a handful of different voices to pick from, with any text written in the chat window being displayed in yellow when it's been converted to speech. Everyone in a lobby will be able to hear any text-to-speech, while only your teammates will be able to hear anything said during matches. Players can also use speech-to-text to transcribe anything said into the chat box. While text-to-speech will only convert in the original language, speech-to-text can make use of the chat translation function to pop out the message in different languages.

There's also a new contrast filter option, which can reduce how fast screen brightness changes throughout the game. It has a few different sliders, like changing per-pixel brightness velocity for things like explosions or changing the overall screen velocity. Along with accessibility features, a few quality of life adjustments have been made. You can now use a melee attack to interrupt the cooldown animation on a combat shotgun full auto mod, while the cacodemon has been given a speed nerf on the two easiest difficulties.

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