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Doom 2 mod Unloved gets Unreal Engine 4 remake

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UNLOVED isn't a particularly accurate name, given that this Doom II mod has received plenty of acclaim over the years. It's even less accurate now that it's been lavished with love in the form of a standalone Unreal Engine 4 remake, which was recently added to Steam.

What is Unloved? It's a gory, co-op (or single-player, if you prefer) shooter set in a procedurally generated basement. There are four game modes on offer, a variety of magical trinkets and weapon mods to equip, 'Karma points' to upgrade your character with, and yep, lots and lots of demons to explode into demon kibble. Here's what that looks like:

Well, that's one way to paint a basement red. You can find Unloved on Steam here, with a 40% launch discount for the next few days. (Ta, RPS.)

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