Don't worry, Atlus won't punish you for streaming its 13-year-old game

Persona 3
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Persona streamers have no fear, for Atlus appears to be softening its approach. The developer has ever-so-kindly announced that there'll be no hard streaming restrictions for Persona 3 Portable, a game originally released in 2009 that is an updated version of a game released in 2006.

It seems almost comical that Atlus would even release streamlining guidelines for a game that's over a decade old, but it makes sense considering how notoriously tough they've been for other Persona games in the past. Persona 5 Royal's in particular didn't go down too well with fans. The restrictions originally requested no streaming past the in-game date of December 24, right before the third act of the game begins. It was an understandable attempt to avoid grand spoilers, though it doesn't exactly stop them from cropping up everywhere else on the internet. No, I'm definitely not still salty that someone spoiled a major plot twist for me in a goddamn random Facebook comment section.

Even Persona 5 Strikers had some inane restrictions on content creation, like requesting that any capture taken of the game be done through each platform's respective proprietary functions. That meant no capture card footage for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and if you were on PC then Atlus wanted you to add a ream of copyright text to every bit of footage and screenshots. It also asked for no streaming to paywalled sites and to avoid sharing anything about its endgame.

This time, as Persona Central reports, everything is a tad more chilled out. As one would hopefully expect for a game released so long ago. The most Atlus asks of anyone streaming or posting video is to flag when there's anything story-related or particularly spoilery to avoid any newcomers having their experience ruined. That also extends to Persona 4 Golden, which is making its way out to some new platforms on the same day.

Persona 3 Portable is hitting Steam and Game Pass on January 19, with Persona 4 Golden heading to Game Pass for PC too.

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