DmC Devil May Cry bringing sensible haircuts to PC next year

There was some extraordinary controversy surrounding Ninja Theory's redesign of Devil May Cry protagonist, Dante. The floppy haired jerk has metamorphosed into a dark haired, well trimmed jerk but the series staple massive sword + choppable demon combo remains intact, which is all that really matters. At its highest points, the Devil May Cry series has delivered wonderfully precise balletic duels driven by hair-trigger reflexes, dainty dodges and ludicrous combos. That's never quite translated well to the PC, mind.

Maybe Ninja Theory can do a better job. RPS note that the new Devil May Cry, or DmC Devil May Cry, as it's known, will be coming to PC sometime next year. Hooray! Check out the trailer above for a glimpse of the sort of kaleidoscopic nonsense that makes Devil May Cry games so entertaining.

Tom Senior

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