Divinity: Original Sin 2 Paladin class mod adds 6 healing skills

Yesterday, it emerged one fast-fingered speedrunner had (somehow) bested Divinity: Original Sin 2 in less than 38 minutes. Me? I'm ten hours deep and am still floundering in the game's Fort Joy opening level. 

As such, death has become a semi-constant feature of each of my sessions—which is something Hybrid's Paladin Class mod addresses head on. 

"I started a cleric playthrough and I thought there were not enough healing abilities/cleric type abilities in the Hydrosophist skill tree," says the mod's creator. "So I decided to make a few of my own, and as suggested by the community I have decided to make this more of a class set of skills. 

Here's what Hybrid has come up with so far:

  • Holy Blaze: Sets Holy Fire to self, and Regeneration—costs 3 AP, and requires 1 in Hydrosophist, and 1 in Warfare.
  • Righteous Step: Teleport to an enemy and set Clear Minded to self—costs 3 AP, and requires 1 in Warfare, and 1 in Pyrokinetic.
  • Healing Touch: Heal a target for a large amount, melee range—can be self casted, costs 2 AP, and requires 1 in Hydrosophist.
  • Holy Leap: Jump to a nearby location, knocking down and setting enemies on fire—costs 2 AP, and requires 2 in Warfare.
  • Divine Cleansing: Cleanse yourself and enemies around you lighting everyone on fire—costs 2 AP, and requires 2 in Hydrosophist, and 2 in Warfare.
  • Divine Resusitation: Resurrect target ally at 50% Vitality—costs 6 AP and 2 SP, and requires 4 in Hydrosophist.

Hybrid adds that these skills are incorporated into the Hydrosophist Skills' Treasure List, which have also been added to Zaleskar outside of Fort Joy. Hybrid also hopes to add more skills over time—keep an eye on the mod's page for updates, which is where you'll find installation instructions too. 

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