Divide By Sheep is free to keep on Steam this weekend

Divide By Sheep, the deceptively adorable puzzle game about flinging sheep across ponds and sometimes feeding them to wolves, is free to keep if you claim it on Steam this weekend.

You can head over to Steam now to snag your copy. If you’re familiar with the old brain teaser about trying to get a chicken, a fox, and a sack of grain across a river, you have the basic idea behind Divide By Sheep. But this game adds a few twists to the formula. You have groups of sheep standing around on islands, and each island has a certain number of spaces to stand on. You need to get sheep into the life raft by flinging the groups from island to island, and if there aren’t enough spaces to stand on, the extra sheep will fall into the water.

That’s okay though, because the three life rafts per level each ask for specific numbers of sheep, so you’ll often need to get rid of a few on your way. Drowning the surplus sheep isn’t your only option, either—sometimes you’ll have islands with hungry wolves on them, or laser grids standing between the islands. There are actually a lot of ways to murder sheep in this game, despite how cute it looks.

Anyway, you can have a copy for free, now through May 13 at 1 p.m. Eastern.