Dishonored to star every TV/movie actor ever

Or at least, to get pretty darn close. The 'celebrity' bit of the cast list for Arkane's upcoming Dishonored is now out, and ready to start filling IMDB's lists with its TV and movie talent.

Heading up the list is Susan Sarandon playing a deranged aristocrat called "Granny Rags", everyone's favourite movie psychopath Brad Dourif as an inventor and apparent Q to main character Corvo, Carrie Fisher as the voice of the city's propaganda machine, Mad Men's John Slattery as a friendly admiral, and Michael Madsen, who might actually stay awake for a few minutes as the voice of 'mysterious' assassin Daud. There's also going to be voices from Chloe Moretz and Lena Headley as the Empress' daughter and her caretaker, and music from Dexter composer Daniel Licht. Hopefully hiring them all won't soak up so much money that Nolan North has to be brought in to voice literally everybody else.

You won't hear any of their voices in this trailer, but you will get a good idea of why Dishonored is one of the most anticipated games of the year - a little Thief, a little Hitman and a little Deus Ex in a beautifully decaying city where murder is just one of many paths to sweet, beautiful revenge.