Dishonored 2 custom difficulty update is now live [Updated]

Update: Bethesda says the second Dishonored 2 game update is now out of beta and in full release. A list of new features and PC-specific fixes is below, while the full (and much longer) bug-fix breakdown can be seen at


  • Added new mode: Custom Difficulties
  • Added Mission restart/Mission Select: Mission restart available from pause menu and result screen


  • Fixed a bug where Switching off the V-Sync for the second time set the FPS Limiter to 30 instead of 60 by default
  • Fixed a bug where changing the settings from TXAA to FXAA and not applying the change made the TXAA Sharpness turn to 1 instead of its previous value
  • Fixed a bug where turning off TXAA Anti-aliasing does not visually disable TXAA Sharpness slider
  • Fixed a bug where the changes made to V-Sync were reverted to the previous setting when turning on then cancelling
  • Fixed bug where the volumetric lightning is not turned on by default at launch if it was set to off on a previous version and it can't be turned on manually anymore
  • Fixed a bug where the "Fog Quality" setting is set back to low after restarting the game
  • Fixed a bug where Keyboard/mouse shortcut UI could show up during possession & keyhole peeking
  • Fixed a bug where Emily’s feet can be seen floating during the throne room cutscene with high FOV settings
  • Fixed a bug where the Low Chaos Sokolov epilogue slide will have black windows if Volumetric Lighting is off
  • Fixed a bug where the screen post processing persists in Ansel mode

Original story: 

Bethesda has revealed details of the second free Dishonored 2 update, set to arrive on the PC in beta on January 18. The update will bring two major additions to the game: More custom difficulty settings, and a "Mission Restart/Select" option. 

More than 20 new difficulty sliders will be available following the update, covering aspects of the game ranging from the speed of sleep dart effectiveness to the number of enemies who will attack you at a single time, and even how effectively you can lean out from behind barriers to get a look at what's going on around you. It will also add a new Iron Man option for new games that not only exposes you to the cruel whims of permadeath, but also disables manual saving and loading, ensuring that you will live—and die—with the consequences of your actions. 

The Mission Restart/Select option will open up the ability to replay any unlocked mission, "giving you a better shot at nailing that Ghost or Clean Hands run." That seems like the sort of thing that should've been in place right from the start, but better late than never I suppose. Selected missions will begin with the state of your character (chaos level, runes, money, and that sort of thing) as it was at the start of the mission during your initial playthrough. 

Naturally, the update will also include various bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Bethesda said a detailed breakdown of the update will be announced soon. 

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