Discord's new Server Folders feature enables customizable server groups

The community interaction app Discord does a lot of things really well, but its built-in organizational tools can leave a little something to be desired, particularly for people who spend time on a lot of different servers. The server list just sort of tumbles willy-nilly down the left side of the interface, which is fine if you've only got two or three to deal with, but less than ideal if you're hanging out on a couple dozen.

Enter Server Folders, "one of Discord's top user-requested features," which is intended to address that shortcoming by enabling users to organize their servers in various ways. It's very simple,really: Servers can be dragged and dropped into folders that can be renamed and color-coded, notifications can be dismissed by folder, and you can put folders together in groups as you see fit.

That's all there is to it. It's a small and simple thing, but sometimes the best and most useful features are the small, simple, and obvious ones that users have been screaming at you about for ages. Which isn't meant to be overly critical of Discord—it's the nature of software development, really—but it was clearly aware of demand for the feature, and even managed to have a little fun with it in the run-up to today's announcement.

Andy Chalk

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