Disco Elysium is getting more story, characters, and full voice acting as a free upgrade

Last year at The Game Awards, Disco Elysium came away with four well-served trophies, winning the RPG, Narrative, Independent Game, and Fresh Indie Game categories. This year, its creators Za/um used The Game Awards to announce Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, coming in March of next year. 

This free upgrade for everyone who owns Disco Elysium adds full voice-acting for every line, new characters to meet and make a fool of yourself talking to, a previously unseen area available to explore, and new Political Vision Quests in which you'll "leave a bigger mark".

What might this new material involve? Well, spoilers, for those who haven't played it yet, but there's a character in the game with the very Disco Elysium name of Idiot Doom Spiral you can trade booze with in exchange for stories—one of which is the story of the lost Cocaine Skull. If you try to follow up on this mystery, Idiot Doom Spiral explains that'll be impossible because the path is blocked by a lorry belonging to Delta Logistics Company, and besides, it would require an expensive expedition and new gear. "Matter of fact," he says, "unless a bunch of money just falls out of the sky, we might *never* know what's up with that skull."

The abbreviation for Delta Logistics Company is, of course, DLC, and it would take a bunch of money to create additional content for Disco Elysium. A bunch of money has fallen out of the sky onto Za/um in the form of a hit RPG, however, and perhaps this hinted-at DLC has been folded into the Final Cut.

Or maybe not. Heck, we thought this was going to be the announcement of a prequel.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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