'Dino Crisis with modern tech would be a really exciting prospect,' says Resi 7 producer

From XCOM to Tomb Raider, Doom to DmC, Thief to Prey—the last few years have seen many of yesteryear's games rebooted with modern tech for modern audiences. Throughout this time, rumours of reimagining Capcom's rapture-smashing classic Dino Crisis have persisted (if this thread is to be believed Capcom Vancouver almost once took it on), and recent comments from Resident Evil 7 producer Masachika Kawata have brought the idea back to the fore. 

Speaking to the Daily Star, Kawata—whose resume boasts the original Dino Crisis games, as well as Resident Evil 3, 4, and the 2002 remake—said he has a "hope in [his] heart" that Capcom might revisit the 1999 third person horror series at some point in future. 

Kawata continued: "I think if you were to create Dino Crisis with modern gaming technology it would be a really exciting prospect."

When pressed on whether or not Capcom is actively working on a Dino Crisis reboot or reimagining, Kawata however added: "... There’s not currently any conversations happening [at Capcom], that I’m aware of."

Dino Crisis received middling reviews at launch, however has since accrued cult status among certain facets of survival horror fans. Given how well Resident Evil 7 recaptured its horror roots while simultaneously steering the series in a new direction, a first-person dino blaster could be pretty terrifying—don't you think?