Dimension Drive succeeds second time around after being "trolled" on Kickstarter

Dimension Drive

The team behind the Dimension Drive Kickstarter suffered a miserable kind of "prank" last month when a last-minute pledge that put the campaign over its goal turned out to be fraudulent. The experience left them "speechless [and] demoralized," as they told us shortly after it happened. But they quickly pulled together to re-launch the campaign, and this time around, it's going a lot better.

There are 14 days remaining in the Kickstarter, but Dimension Drive has already surpassed its €30,000/$34,000 goal. "We could not have done this without your help and never will thank you enough for all your support!" the developers wrote in an update. "In a twisted succession of events, a fraudulent pledge made by someone called 'Jonathan' ruined our last campaign (as you probably already know) ... and tonight while we were sleeping another Jonathan, 13 year old developer of Galagan's Island and his recently created studio, Skinny Jean Death Studios, is making us reach the funding goal!"

Next up, naturally, are stretch goals, which the team has also announced: a Boss Mode at €31,000 [which has already been surpassed], Horde Mode at €33,000, and two-player co-op and PvP modes at €36,000.

I'm loathe to say that being cheated out of success on their initial Kickstarter ultimately proved to be a good thing, but it's impossible to overlook the fact that it was facing a shortfall of several thousand dollars prior to the fraudulent pledge; the current campaign, meanwhile, has pulled in nearly €10,000 more than its predecessor's final total, in half the time. Regardless of the reason, it's nice to see a sad story get a happy ending. And it hasn't ended yet: The new, successful Dimension Drive Kickstarter runs until June 17.

Andy Chalk

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