DICE LA manager talks Battlefield, recruitment, and future Star Wars games

In an interview with IGN , DICE LA's studio manager Fredrick Loving discusses the studio's work on this fall's Battlefield 4 and keeps a solid poker face when on the topic of DICE's connection to EA's new Star Wars license .

“I always talked about it in the sense of: we could literally be an extra floor in [DICE headquarters] Stockholm, but we are conveniently located in sunny California,” Loving says. “And we want to recruit more people to DICE… It's a big step, but we are absolutely loving it at the moment… I think we work a bit differently than other games studios might do, so I think it is an interesting opportunity for game developers to come and work for us.”

“I'm super excited that EA signed Star Wars … I can only speak for myself, but I think the universe of Star Wars is very interesting and appealing to a lot of people. It has a lot of depth, it has a lot of very interesting characters… it's one of the world's biggest brands.”

Though the new studio was thought to be focusing on Star Wars games , Loving confirmed that DICE LA's first project is putting the finishing touches on Battlefield 4. “Everyone's working on it, and it looks absolutely amazing ,” he says.

Check out the full video for Loving's thoughts on recruiting talent on the west coast and some action-soaked gameplay clips from Battlefield 4, which will be released in October 29 in the US , October 31 in Australia, and November 1 in Europe.