Battlefield 4 release date announced, will arrive late October/early November

In light of Call of Duty: Ghosts game-changing dog announcement, I've been waiting to see what DICE would pull out of their secret bag of development tricks to gain the advantage with Battlefield 4 . Maybe they'd reveal the introduction of Dog+, or "the wolf" as it's more commonly known. Or perhaps they'd stop being such massive teases , and just admit that the game is 90% dinosaurs.

Whatever their plan, they're staying quiet for now - instead settling for the announcement of Battlefield 4's release date. Expect to see EA's FPS sequel arrive October 29th in the US, and November 1st in the UK (UK date via EG ). Once again, then, the old Tuesday/Friday physical distribution set-up is making the rather ridiculous imposition on our increasingly digital gaming habits.

So far, we've only seen a glimpse of the game's single-player . EA say they'll be demoing the more anticipated multiplayer portion of Battlefield 4 on June 10th, at 9pm GMT, as part of their E3 streaming .

Phil Savage

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