How to get gems in Diablo Immortal

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Trying to work out how to get Diablo Immortal gems? Though Blizzard’s new chapter in the popular undead-slaughtering series is pretty easy to complete in terms of the main story, it is undoubtedly pay-to-win in terms of its other elements. A big part of that grind is its gem system. You can slot these special stones into weapons and armour in order to stack specific abilities and create a powerful character, but they can be hard to get.

There are two types of gems: legendary and normal. If you’re just interested in getting the normal kind for your minor armour pieces, you should take a look at how to find Hidden Lairs, since these mini-dungeons are the best way of getting them. If you’re looking to get the legendary kind, though, I’ll explain how the gem system works, the primary no-spend method, as well as a list of what they can do.

How to get legendary gems

How to get legendary gems in Diablo Immortal 

There are a few ways to get legendary gems in Diablo Immortal:

  • Complete the Elder Rift
  • Buy them at the market for platinum
  • Get them on the battle pass

Only the first of these options is partly free. You’ll encounter the Elder Rift when you arrive in the city of Westmarch as part of the main story, and the game guides it pretty well. Here’s a brief summary of how it works: by slotting crests into the Elder Rift you can increase your completion rewards, earning runes with which to craft legendary gems at the Apprentice Jeweller. You have to buy Legendary Crests, but you can get a free Epic Crest at the Elder Rift every day or purchase more at the hilts store in Westmarch. 

Early in the game you’ll get lots of hilts by completing the codex and from the free battle pass, so this is definitely a good way to spend them. If you complete the Elder Rift with no crests slotted at all, you’ll instead get burning embers that can be used with Cellik the vendor to craft runes or convert lesser runes into a rarer type. The best way to maximise your rewards is to head into the Elder Rift with a party who all have crests slotted, since this will buff rewards for everyone. 

Once you get a legendary gem you can slot it into your weapon or armour to provide an effect, and even transfer it between equipment as you level up. However, if you want to upgrade your gems further, you’re going to have to consume other gems to do it at the Jeweller’s Apprentice, and that’s where the real grindiness of the endgame hits. Higher rank gems also only come from using Legendary Crests, which is where things get pay-to-win.

Legendary gem list

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Diablo Immortal legendary gem list 

Legendary gems boost resonance and combat rating, but also provide a specific ability. It’s worth bearing in mind your class speciality when choosing. If you’re a Necromancer, then Freedom & Devotion plus Follower’s Burden would be good. Whereas if you’re a Crusader, Defiant Soul and Mocking Laughter would work better.

Here’s a brief description of what each legendary gem does: 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Lightning CoreYour primary attacks and movement slowly charge up with electricity before unleashing chain lightning.
Power & CommandPower and Command alternates between two states. Power increases primary attack damage, while Command buffs skill damage.
The HungerHeals you by a percentage of your base damage when you defeat an enemy.
BattleguardDecreases all damage you take from nearby enemies.
Follower’s BurdenIncreases damage you deal based upon summons you control.
Bloody ReachIncreases damage based on your distance from an enemy.
Unity CrystalYou and your party take reduced damage if you are close to each other.
Cutthroat’s GrinGain increased critical hit chance if attacking from behind.
The Black RoseEach time you’re attacked, there is a chance to summon vines that immobilise your attacker.
Nightmare WreathWhen you defeat an enemy there is a chance that other enemies will flee.
Berserker’s EyeIncreases the damage you deal but also the damage you take.
Pain of SubjugationIncreases damage dealt against enemies suffering loss of control.
Respite StoneDecreases damage taken as your health gets lower.
Ca’arsen’s InvigorationIncreases attack speed.
Zod StoneProlongs the duration of your ultimate skill.
Everlasting TormentYour critical hits inflict agony, which deal extra damage over a duration.
Defiant SoulWhen you block an attack, deal damage to all nearby enemies.
Freedom & DevotionIncreases the duration of your summons.
Chained DeathStacks attack damage based on number of hits.
Mocking LaughterForces non-elite monsters to attack you.
Seled’s WeaknessGain increased damage when you defeat an elite monster.
Trickshot GemYour channelled skills consume energy slower.
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