How to find Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal hidden lair
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Looking for a hidden lair in Diablo Immortal? While slaughtering undead across haunted woods and gloomy graveyards you may have received a notification saying that a hidden lair has opened nearby. While the Elder Rift is vital in getting legendary gems for your weapons and main armour, hidden lair mini-dungeons are the best way to get normal gems, which are used to buff your minor equipment.

If you don’t want to spend your precious hilts or actual money to acquire them, hidden lairs are pretty vital for no-spend players who still want to get normal gems. In this guide, I’ll explain what you need to do when a hidden lair opens nearby, and how to find their locations for each of the game’s areas.

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How to enter a Hidden Lair in Diablo Immortal 

At some stage while exploring the world, you’ll get a notification that says “A hidden lair has opened in this zone”. This means one of the usually sealed lair entrances has opened nearby. Now the tricky part is finding out which one. If you head to the closest hidden lair locations, you should find an entrance that you can interact with the same way as any other dungeon. You’ll want to be speedy, though, as they can be found and cleared by other players.

Once inside the lair, you can take your time to defeat its guardian to get a guaranteed normal gem drop. Completing the secondary objective will also net you even better rewards.

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Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations 

Above you can see the hidden lair locations for the first area, Ashwold Cemetery (Thanks!). There are 11 altogether and they are quite easy to spot even when closed, since all hidden lair entrances look the same in each area. The ones in Ashwold look like mausoleum entrances, for example, but as you move into other areas like the Dark Wood, they change to resemble ancient tunnels. You can find every hidden lair location over at or any of the other interactive Diablo Immortal maps. 

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